Accepted Papers


  • Mohamad Mansouri, Beyza Bozdemir, Melek Önen and Orhan Ermis. PAC: Privacy-preserving Arrhythmia Classification with neural networks
  • Routa Moussaileb, Nora Cuppens-Boulahia, Jean-Louis Lanet and Hélène Le Bouder. Ransomware Network Traffic Analysis for Pre-Encryption Alert
  • Silvio Ranise, Giada Sciarretta and Alessandro Tomasi. Enroll, and authentication will follow: eID-based enrollment for a customized, secure, and frictionless authentication experience
  • William Briguglio and Sherif Saad. Interpreting Machine Learning Malware Detectors Which Leverage N-gram Analysis
  • Guang Gong and Meng Yang. Lempel-Ziv Compression with Randomized Input-Output for Anti-Compression Side-Channel Attacks under HTTPS/TLS
  • Peter Amthor and Martin Rabe. Command Dependencies in Heuristic Safety Analysis of Access Control Models
  • Maël Nogues, Hanan Hindy, David Brosset, Xavier Bellekens and Yvon Kermarrec. Labelled Network Capture Generation For Anomaly Detection
  • Guang Gong, Morgan He, Raghvendra Rohit and Yunjie Yi. U-EPS: An Ultra-small and Efficient Post-quantum Signature Scheme
  • Edoukou Berenger Ayebie, Hafsa Assidi and El Mamoun Souidi. An Efficient Identification Scheme Based on Rank Metric: RankId
  • Simon Tanner, Ilian Vogels and Roger Wattenhofer. Protecting Android Apps From Repackaging Using Native Code
  • Pascal Lafourcade, Mike Nopere, Jérémy Picot, Daniela Pizzuti and Etienne Roudeix. Security Analysis of Auctionity: a blockchain based e-auction
  • Charles Morisset, Sowmya Ravidas and Nicola Zannone. On Attribute Retrieval in ABAC
  • Hossein Shirazi, Indrakshi Ray and Charles Anderson. Using Machine Learning to Detect Anomalies in Embedded Networks in Heavy Vehicles
  • Sepideh Avizheh, Reihaneh Safavi-Naini and Shuai Li. Secure Logging with Security against Adaptive Crash Attack
  • Bruno Reis, Eva Maia and Isabel Praça. Selection and performance analysis of CICIDS2017 features importance
  • Daniel Servos and Michael Bauer. Incorporating Off-Line Attribute Delegation into Hierarchical Group and Attribute-Based Access Control
  • Nadjate Saidani, Kamel Adi and Mohand Said Allili.  Semantic-based efficient spam detection
  • Johannes Blömer and Nils Löken. Dynamic Searchable Encryption with Access Control
  • Davy Preuveneers and Wouter Joosen. TATIS: Trustworthy APIs for Threat Intelligence Sharing with UMA and CP-ABE


Short Papers

  • Marius Lombard-Platet and Pascal Lafourcade.  Get-your-ID: Decentralized Proof of Identity
  • David Gerault and Pascal Lafourcade. Towards secure TMIS protocols
  • Jaimin Modi, Issa Traore, Asem Ghaleb, Karim Ganame and Sherif Saad Ahmed. Detecting Ransomware in Encrypted Web Traffic
  • Kambiz Ghazinour and Emil Shirima. Towards Privacy-Aware Smart Surveillance
  • Kambiz Ghazinour, Muhammad Muhzary and Srikanth Tadisetty. A Privacy Protection Layer for Wearable Devices
  • Hakuei Sugimoto, Ryota Hatano, Natsu Shoji and Kazuo Sakiyama. Validating the DFA Attack Resistance of AES
  • Lalia Saoudi, Kamel Adi and Youness Boudraa. A rejection-based approach for detecting SQL injection vulnerabilities in Web applications
  • Mohammed Alshahrani, Issa Traore and Sherif Saad.  Lightweight IoT Mutual Authentication Scheme based on Transient Identities and Transactions History
  • Alessandro Cantelli-Forti and Michele Colajanni. Digital forensics in vessel transportation systems

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