Tribute to François Barrère



At the moment we are opening this event, my thoughts go to my friend and colleague François Barrère to whom I would like to pay tribute to the strong support and unwavering commitment he witnessed during the 35 years we had the opportunity to share.

François has passed after having struggled against this horrible disease 2 years after its detection. He showed an incredible courage insomuch we thought he defeated his illness.

François demonstrated during his career not only sound and thorough scientific qualities and skills but above all, he developed incomparable human qualities, an attentive listening at all times, an accompaniment in the utmost discretion contributing to the cohesiveness of our group.

François, you were great and we will admire your involvement forever. Today, our hearts bleed, our tears flow, we miss you… Thank you for all what you achieved.

Ladies and gentlemen, dear colleagues, please Iet me invite you to honor his memory with a well-deserved and sustained applause.

Thank you.

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